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Bench in quiet solitudeInvitation to all writers!  Or an invitation to anyone who can take a writing prompt and create around it, or, take a writing prompt and relate it to a post they’ve already written!

Here is the writing prompt for this edition of the Writing-Prompt Carnival:

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.”

This is a selection of lyrics from the Christina Aguilera song, “Candyman.” No, it’s not about a drug abuser/pusher, as one might think.  It’s more of a little slutty piece about a bad boy — one that I found kind of amusing.  We all know stories about a bad boy or two!  Take it, run with it, create around it, and then submit it!

I know there are many writer bloggers out there who post all about prompts!  I’m open to submissions of prompts — in fact I would welcome a prompt for an upcoming edition of this Carnival!  Pictures are good too! There is one blogger out there that has a great photo prompt — all about What I See Out My Window.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words — check out what some people see outside their windows!  You all might want to join in the fun over there too!

If it gets us writing, it has done its job!  🙂


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Pink flowers soaking up the sun.This is our first fledgling blog carnival!  I am pleasantly surprised at the creativity of some of the submissions.  Hosting what can be seen as a creative writing carnival is something that is very new to me.  At this juncture I am inclined to leave things in the same order presented by BlogCarnival.com, which is probably the order that these posts were submitted.

To be honest, I was afraid that nobody would take notice or advantage of the prompt provided for this Edition.  The prompt read simply “Yonder in the distance lies, solemnly in the dark, the one whose soft and gentle eyes pierce my wounded heart.” That’s it.

When I saw the title of the first post I figured that I was right about the prompt being ignored.  Then I read the post and oh my, what a surprise!

Surbhi Bhatia wrote Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head posted over at The Viewspaper.  I like that blog title.  I like the post even more!  What a great story, and one that fits quite nicely with the prompt.  Thank you, Surbhi!  I was really caught off guard!

Robert Terrell shared every night freight trains written at the existential poet.  Robert says, “The Existential Poet blog contains original haiku of poet Robert Terrell. I write about many subjects – seasonal, inner states and moon haiku, with an existential attitude.”  This one is certainly something to think about.  It’s amazing how so few words can really make you think so deeply.  I’ve got to check out more of your haiku, Robert, anything about the moon is definitely reading material for me!

Rowena Hebert provides a list of 100 Twitter Feeds That Will Improve Your Writing.  This post, over at Online Degree Programs.org: Top Online Degrees, was almost in violation of the no-advertising rule but because Rowena provided us with such a great service, I closed my eyes to that part.  Thank you, Rowena!  I’m still going through the list but have connected with several on that list already.  It’s amazing to have them all in a list in one place!  No more cheating!  🙂

Don’t worry, we haven’t lost our way!  We’re going right back to that prompt!

Barbara Ehrentreu presents The Last Poem A Day for Day 30 – April is over! posted last year at Barbara’s Meanderings.  Barbara tells us how, “This reminded me of my now deceased Newfoundland dog, Mr. Flash, who unfortunately died at the age of twelve and a half from Lyme disease. I wrote a whole post about him and included a poem I wrote about him too. The prompt reminds me of the last moments we saw him and the sadness we felt when we knew we would never see him again.”  What Barbara did was the other option — she related the prompt to something she had already written!  Another moving story and one that I can certainly relate to, too many times. I felt the love, Barbara, thank you for sharing!

Evelyn Hunter (that’s me) shows us where this Edition’s writing prompt came from with some Discovered Old Writings posted right here on the Write Sprite’s Blog.  It comes from something I wrote nearly 30 years ago.  Oh dear, I’m dating myself!

That concludes our First Edition.  I cannot express how amazed, grateful, and moved I am by what you guys sent in! Please, please, please feel free to submit your blog articles to the next edition of the Writing-Prompt Carnival using our carnival submission form.  The upcoming prompt is, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.” (It’s a selection of lyrics from a Christina Aguilera song.)  Take it, run with it, create around it, and then submit it!  I will publish a reminder post soon.

Remember, I am open to any prompts you guys think of and care to submit for upcoming Carnivals.  Just indicate that you are submitting a prompt.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Old dolls and old suitcases.

We always hear about things that people find in their attics and the discovery of old pieces of art and various heirlooms.  It is always fun to find old pieces of things we’ve done ourselves — be it art, writing, or the creation of anything.  They bring back a flood of memories.

Recently I reviewed the contents of an old notebook (a paper notebook) that I wrote things in while I was attending college.  Most of it is very schmaltzy — this was obviously an overly-emotional time in my life.

You guys have to try to give me a little leeway with this; I was only 19 years old.  But, the first stanza may ring a familiar bell with a few people (those who have been curious about the blog carnival).

In all seriousness, I am open to hear anything you have to say, be they comments or criticism.  I am, after all, going to have to develop a thicker skin if I’m going to share some of the stuff I write, and you guys can help me with that.

This was never titled:

Yonder in the distance lies,
Solemnly in the dark,
The one whose soft and gentle eyes
Pierce my wounded heart.

Reality, it does elude my mind,
As consciousness sips away.
Time proceeds to rob me blind
As I waste each passing day.

He sleeps as though he’s unaware
Of the pain I hold within.
To destroy a heart without despair
Must surely be a sin.

I can forgive the ones the Lord has seen fit to call away.
Even the sun, for setting, in its melancholy way.
But to understand this peculiar man
And forgive his cruel abstention,
Would take more heart and strength of mind
Than I should care to mention.

So it is in wonder that I gaze at his
Every feature,
And search for ways to melt the ice
That frosts this lovely creature

Thus engaged in love and lore,
In its witty daring,
My mind has chosen to ignore
The loss of mutual caring.

And as I pace this lonely floor
I know I’ll give up this futile struggle
Never, never more!

Yes, I was reading things like Edgar Allan Poe around this time.  Yes, many antiquated writers had a profound impact on me.  I am not going to apologize for that.  The character depth of Nathaniel Hawthorne and the psychological drama of Edgar Allan Poe were, apparently, not lost on this reader.  I never thought about any of that until now.

Blogging is such a wonderful thing!

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Put your thoughts in print!The first Blog Carnival for Write Sprite is coming up really quickly!  This call is late.  I’ve extended the deadline to midnight EST on Sunday, March 21st (that’s 6 pm Hawai’i time).

I promise to give everyone more lead time for upcoming Editions.  I honestly didn’t expect a response so soon.  Surprise!   Boy, was I!  It’s refreshing to know I am not alone with this obsession, fascination, addiction, craving –whatever you want to call it.  You know what I mean, if it “calls” to you, you’ve GOT to write about it!  This Carnival is all about those prompts that make it happen and trigger that desire.

This Edition’s prompt:

“Yonder in the distance lies, solemnly in the dark, the one whose soft and gentle eyes pierce my wounded heart.”

That’s it.  Whatever comes to mind, write a post.  If it reminds you of a post you wrote a few months ago, then submit that!

Don’t worry, this is an ongoing Carnival with a different prompt for every Edition.  Read the Writing-Prompt Carnival’s guidelines here.  Even if you miss this one, there is another prompt already waiting for the next Edition.  In a few days, I will post another “call” to remind everyone (with ample headway) to submit their posts.  Don’t worry!

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Buddhism in Hawaii, Its Impact on a Yankee CommunityI’ve read that some of the more difficult books to review, and/or critique, are the non-fiction books that cover topics that a reviewer may know little or nothing about.  “BUDDHISM IN HAWAII, Its Impact on a Yankee Community” might be seen as just such a book.

Unless you’re Buddhist, which I am not, you might find yourself struggling through parts of the text.  I found that waiting a few years can be very helpful!  There are things that you can relate to if you look hard enough.  Even if you can’t involve yourself into all of the research, there are other gems to be found.

In this book there are a lot of fascinating tidbits of information that relate to the history of Hawai’i.  According the book flap, the author herself called it “a chapter in the social history of Hawai’i.”  Because I live in Hawai’i and because I am a Honolulu blogger, I can relate to much of the content.

The author, Louise H. Hunter, spent a lot of time interviewing experts on the topic chosen for her book.  Just glancing at the bibliography is enough to let the reader know just how heavily-researched this work was — there is over four pages worth of bibliographical resources researched for the compilation of facts and there is even more information about interviews and Japanese translators who helped the author pull it all together.

I found one of my favorite quotes from the book and I will share it with you here.  The reign of the monarch, David Kalakaua, “reeked with scandal and corruption” so this particular episode mentioned in the book was not funny when it happened; but I could not help but giggle when I first read about it (I was probably about twelve when I read it).

“Kalakaua envisioned (among other things) a Polynesian League” or empire of Pacific islanders over which he would reign in resplendent, unrivaled sovereignty; and, as a first step toward the realization of this preposterous dream, he dispatched to Samoa a rotting guano and copra carrier as evidence of his naval strength.”

Just to make this clear, guano is the feces and urine of seabirds, bats and seals; copra is dried sections of meat from the coconut.  In other words, the King sent a dung ship to Samoa.  How neighborly.  These kinds of antics make me angry, now that I’m older, but things like that are so typical of any politician or government leader, no matter which country we’re talking about, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  This is so historically typical!

There are so many tidbits of information, as I said, and now that I’m older, and a Honolulu blogger, I can appreciate the content so much more than I could when I was younger.  Many of the Buddhist temples still stand today as points of remembrance.  Many of them are still used in very much the same way as they were back then, but they are still monuments of history nonetheless.

If you look carefully at the photo above you will see that the book is actually quite dated.  It was published in 1971 by the University of Hawaii Press and gifted to me very shortly thereafter.

That being said, I have to disclose something.  The author and I are related.  Louise Hunter is my mother.  In 1971 when she presented me with my own copy, I was too young to appreciate anything more than its author.  Today I am much more drawn to its content.  Now that I can actually understand and relate to some of the content, it is actually much easier reading.  🙂

Open book with written gift tag.

Thanks, Mom!  Thank you for memorializing a piece of Hawai’i’s history.  I’m very proud of you!  (Just a little bit of role reversal there.)

Buddhism in Hawaii, Its Impact on a Yankee Community
University of Hawaii Press, 1971
ISBN #0-87022-355-0

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I’m trying to figure out how an actor so gifted in his field gets more bad publicity!  Okay, so maybe he hung out with Madonna too long and learned how to scandalize people.  In his case, however, it always seems to be the wrong way!

Can we be in love with the characters an actor plays and still be upset with the actor himself?  I never thought about calling acting a “craft” but I think Mr. Penn has earned that. Watch this video:

In case that doesn’t work, you can find this clip here.  It is seriously worth watching.

After leaving me emotionally troubled for days after watching films like Dead Man Walking and Milk, I have to say I am a fan of Sean’s craft.  Thank you, Sean, for taking that craft so seriously.  Just watch your temper, would you please?  Tie your hands and bite your tongue!  Go to the gym, take up running, call the Dog Whisperer for some of his people-training advice.  Burn up that extra energy to become a more calm and stable character — in real life.  You can do it!

Oh, and yes, we do all want to know, do you have a Twitter.com account or not?  No, I don’t want to send you hateful tweets, I just want to hear what is really going on in that head of yours!

Thank you, MEFEEDiA, for helping me make my point.  Nice!

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Just so I could post something to kick start this blog, I found something that I wrote a long time ago that still strikes a nerve every now and then.

Alone on an island she waits in the darkness of the tropical night.  Branches twitch and grind in the light breath of the cool evening.  So quiet, so serene – why is she so tense?  Crashing waves from distant shores soothe the sounds of nature.  Stars light the sky yet her nervous eyes still fail to pierce the darkness.

Veins stretch and throb, her heart pulses with great force.  Like an animal, she senses a lingering presence.  She is overcome with anxiety wondering where he will appear.  Desire grips her soul and panic quickens her breath.  The wind blows swiftly now, tearing at the leaves and branches.

The stars are gone and a shower of icy rain penetrates her clothing. Her hair, stringy and wet, clings to her face and her clothes are like skin against her body.  Suddenly her eyes fall on his massive form as lightening brings daylight to the night.  His bare shoulders, broad and wet with rain, make her tremble with fear and desire.  He reaches for her.  The light touch of fingers sends chills through their bodies now tense with nervous anticipation.  Their muscles quiver as they stand close.

She feels his warm breath increase in intensity and she is faintly aware of the pain in her own lungs.  His arm folds around her waist as he pulls her tense body to the magnificent power of his own.  Those arms, like steel, their grip is so strong yet oh so gentle.  They caress her like vines entwining lonely branches.

Oh desire!  The passion of lust fills his every sense.  Love and desire capture her heart and mind, leaving her body defenseless and completely submissive to him.

Yeah, a little off the wall, but mine nonetheless.

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